BEGORETT Velomobile is a brand new company to make you feel. Based in Barcelona, our design have mediterranean flavour. Open mind company that loves hearing our followers.


Be the most safety cycle manufacturer brand in the world. Protect our cyclist against road hazards using the most vanguard technologies and materials. Save lifes from transport accidents. Construct light and extremely strong vehicles. Develop efficient transport vehicles with electric energy recovering system. Have the largest app users in the world to share cycling experiences.


Give the opportunity to have health habits of transport to everybody. Seduce all ages people, man and women, allowing the total personalization of their product. Produce unique BEGORETT Velomobiles to make you feel.


question why (are we doing things like this…)
look ahead (what we expect from future)
sincerity (be honest with us and with others)
effort (to do our best, we need to effort)
humility (wait others saying you are better than your competence)









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