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City living and endless work commutes can be a real drag on the mind. By taking to your bike; you can improve the situation in countless ways. Travelling to work at traffic-jam crawling pace can be replaced by taking to the saddle for your journey instead. The fresh air will boost your mood and you’ll arrive feeling endlessly satisfied thanks to the time that you’ve resultantly saved. Outside of work; the possibilities are simply endless. Being based near the Peak District; we at Wheelie Good Guys know just how fantastic countryside cycling can be. You’re senses will be heightened to the wonders of the outdoors; and you’ll see places in a way that you never have before. For a change from the monotony of staring at the walls of your gym; there really is nothing better than stretching your legs on your bike and leaving civilization behind.

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The media can’t produce enough global-warming themed scare-mongering content. But the fact is that climate change really is here and upon us; and we can’t just continue to ignore it. By ditching your car and opting to use your bike for things such as your work commute; you are acting responsibly by cutting your carbon footprint and respecting the earth in the process. For work commuters; you’ll also significantly reduce the pollution that you would inhale through choosing motor transport such as cars and taxis. A bike simply produces zero pollution; and the creation of a bike takes around five percent of the materials and energy than those that would be required to make a car.

Fitness and Wellbeing

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We can say that one of the best things for the human body is regular cycling. Our cardiovascular system will be strengthened over time; ensuring that over time you can do more exercise for less effort. Investigators has shown that the body’s metabolic rate is increased also in the hours afterwards, after the course of the ride. Cycling at any time of day provides a key boost to your mood, with the endorphins released. A long cycle can actually be the best thing possible If you’re feeling run-down or tired. Studies have also shown that on average, regular cyclists possess the health of someone 10 years their junior – reason enough to get out there on your bike.

Brian Robinson, the British cycling legend who became the first Briton to finish the Tour de France in 1956 and the first to win a Tour stage in 1958; has been cited by the BBC as a great example of how endurance cycling can help you to live longer. Robinson told the BBC that ‘I do have a healthy lifestyle. I can recommend cycling. They say it gives you an extra 10 years of life – another decade would do me fine.’ Research studies that show an association between endurance cycling and life longevity have provided concrete evidence of the benefits that endurance cycling can have on the life-span of the general population. Dr. Xavier Jouven, of the European Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris, has previously been involved in such data analysis. He told the BBC that ‘we should encourage people to exert themselves,’ and discounted the dangers of high-level exercise.


Escape and IndependenceBG Velomobile 33

Sometimes the stresses of life can just be that bit too much. Work, home-life and a number of other factors can leave you feeling like you need to escape. For this; there is nothing better than a long cycle. As mentioned; the experience of the outdoors and the invigorate benefits of exercise can both help to provide perspective and give you some much-needed down time away from the stresses of the rest of the world. People also rarely devote enough time to their own happiness; and a few hours spent alone on your bike can be just the tonic towards helping you to achieve a healthy balance.

Feel protected from bad weather on cycling , closing your hardtop. The hardtop can be transported on the rear trunk.


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