Knowing your thoughts allows us to design exactly what you need.

It’s a question of feelings, health, environment, ecology, comfort, rationality, …

Knowing what you want to feel is very important for us.

We design our products from emotions to emotions. For all that your BEGORETT Velomobile is unique and is done for you.


  1. Dear All,

    We are in an early stage of development. Begorett Velomobile is a company that borns to fulfill and satisfy our customers needs and expectations. For that we are presenting our product, before we end the product definition. Your opinion is very important for us. Please answer our test or send us your requirements for a special velomobile.

    Thank you in advance.

    About the price, we will have an entry level Begorett Velomobile at a very interesting price. We are thinking to promote 25% discount for the first 100 units sales. Soon we will open the reservation list.

    Best regards
    CEO at Begorett Velomobiles

  2. Looks very nice, but also very heavy. I doubt a vehicle like this can be used without an electric engine.

    I wonder why did you chose for a 4-wheel design when every other velomobile out there follows a 3-wheel design. The fourth wheel adds weight and drag, without any visible gain. The front wheels could also be smaller (e.f 20 inch) to reduce drag and all should be closed (spokes have high drag).

    Clearly a design in its infancy, but certainly a product whose time has come. If you are able to realise it for less than 6 000 € you’ll make it. Good luck.

  3. Piergiorgio

    In my country, Italy, in every city, the mayor may issue a ban on the movement transport 4-wheeled pedal! Almost always in the bike lanes are signs prohibiting and barriers for entry! In my town there is a good extension of cycle paths, however, are often so narrow and battered that even normal cyclists can not use them, but the law says you have to compulsorily use them! Your velomobile would be great, but they should put bans cars instead of bicycles. This quadricycle for the law is a bicycle, but cause of the arrogant can not be used! (Sorry for my english, automatic translation).

  4. Interesting design! A tiny bit too heavy, though…
    Better stick to the velomobile idea and don’t build a wanna-be-car.

    Essentially its a simple bike! Solar panel, airbag, TFT dashboard, wifi/4G and especially heating are completly unnecessary in a velomobile. ABS sounds like a nice idea at first, but I wouldn’t want the weight, cost and complicated mechanics/electronics either. Try to stay around or just under the 30kg mark (+ motor and battery of course), please.

    An other negative point would be overall width. If you can’t fit through the common 1m minimum width between obstacles, for the occasional short cut on a bike path, construction sites, ect, a velomobile sporting an overall width of much more than 90cm will get very old, very fast.

    I like the idea of 26″ wheels all around. Aside from the Velayo (currently discontinued) and the Le Mans (prototype) there is unfortunately no velomobile with big wheels on the market. Some roads are just not ment to travel on the skinny 20″ road wheels most velomobiles use at the front. I’ve got a fair share of bad road, flap bridges and rail tracks on my daily 70km commute.
    I tried some wheel combinations on my tadpole trike (ICE Sprint 26). Aside from 20″ front/24″ rear wheels, I’m currently quite happy with 24″ wheels all around. Shame about the very small selection of good tyres in 24″. 26″ wheels might be the best choice.

    4 wheels likely will be more stable around corners or in emergency turns, compared to a tadpole trike design, like already found out with their test mule for the coming Quest 4W. As someone who rides every day to work on a tadpole trike and rolled it a couple of times over the last 28,000km, I could appreciate a more stable ride.

    If I would be in your shoes, I’d contact other velomobile manufacturers (, Intercitybike, Katana, Beyss, Alligt) and velomobile forums to discuss my design and get some tipps and critique frome potential customers. Some of the manufacturers and designers regulary hang out at for instance.

    Good Luck!

  5. Habib Jacques

    Hi, Your velomobile seems to be very nice, but what’s about the price compare the other builders ? I look for a vehicule to do 100km per days , country and downtown, with all weather conditions ( i live in the large suburbs of Lyon in france, with sometiimes snow. If you to improve your prototype , i’ll be glad to do it.
    Best regards

  6. stevo

    your vision is genwerously discused in velo-forum sites.
    when will we see a prototype? prices/ availability?

    will sell my mom for this!


    great design and very good idea
    I hope you will sell your vehicles soon PLEASE LET US KNOW

    I suggest to consider
    a bigger version that would transport a passenger at the back or include a cargo space for goods deliveries :
    MODERN RICKSHAW that could transport a person in cities or deliver goods
    25 km h max speed limit should allow cities cycles paths use

    alternative SCOOTERCAR HYBRID version equiped with a 50cc thermo engine and an electric powertrain could be used without car driving license if topspeed is limited to 45km:h
    e drive up to 25km h plus thermo engine help above

    RENAULT TWIZZY is just too wide and too expensive for limited use:
    it takes a max width of 1 meter to sneak into traffic

    Jean philippe

  8. Bjarke Nielsen

    Nice design and interesting to see a quad.
    Unfortunately, it cannot be concidered at cycle/bicycle in Denmark, due to current legislation. Max width allowed is 100cm and yours is 108cm.
    Nice design though!

  9. matt held

    the COOLEST VELOMOBILE I’VE SEEN YET. Remeniscant of 1950s road racers,TOO COOL!!! hoping it will be at a descent price.

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