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We are not a traditional engineering clinging to iron or steel. We are an engineering company fascinated by the mechanical and chemical characteristics that composite materials provide us. We make the most of organic matrices with reinforcements in carbon fiber, aramid fiber or Kevlar, fiberglass or others.


Give the best engineering service in the practical application of composite materials. Make our clients’ projects and ideas come true.


Squeeze all the possibilities that composite materials give us to engineering to design and manufacture the best products. Take advantage of the magnificent mechanical performance of composite materials to achieve more sustainable vehicles.


By finding people who listen to your ideas, who will ask you until they make sure they understand you. And that they will not rest until you give a solution.
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We are people at the service of people. Our pillars are integrity, transparency, trust and responsibility.

We are among those who believe in the famous phrase of Alan Turing: “Sometimes people who no one imagines doing anything … are people who do things that no one can imagine.”

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If you can imagine it, you can creat it.

I’m not worried about wether a project can be done or not, what worries me is not being able to imagine it.

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If the river makes a noise its because water is running.