Smart pedal mobility system for daily communting. Developed in high safetty standars, ZERO is entry level model to our mobility universe. Is the base that will allow you to improve your personal mobility system the way you want.

We start from the idea that BEGORETT ZERO is the soul of the vehicle. It is the minimum expression of a vehicle with a surround chassis, comfortable, powered by pedals and with electric assistance. Once you own  the ZERO you can add a body, a windscreen , a hardtop, and other upgrades in kit form that will appear like a digital dashboard or a remote locking system, etc.

ZERO aims to be forever, it’s like an extension of yourself and would be dressed with future innovative bodys.

Safe Cycling

Aeroespacial aluminium space frame that works to protect you on the roads and to give an excellent dynamic stability of the vehicle. Frame developed to resist more than 5 tone in any direction.


If we compare the equivalent consumed energy of BEGORETT with a combustion vehicle, BEGORETT would have a consumption close to 0.2 liters per 100 km.

Low Maintenance

It’s simple design makes BEGORETT velomobile a vehicle with few parts, which reduces the cost of maintenance and the number of potential breakdowns. It’s simple mechanics allow maintenance to be carried out by oneself if you like. It has flat tires guaranteed for 6000 km

Low Rate Taxes & Insurance

In some regions they are exempt from paying taxes or may even have tax credits for their use. In the worst escenario they have low rate taxes. At the same time the cost of ensuring a BEGORETT is very low due to the low accident rate and the protection that offers to its occupants. At lower expenses per accident, lower cost of insurance makes sense.

Rental Vehicle for Cities

For cities with personality, having a fleet of ecological and sustainable vehicles for citizens and tourists, in addition to providing a silent mobility solution, without CO2 emissions, projects an image of a city of avant-garde, current and committed to the environment.

Last Mile Courier

BEGORETT ZERO has great potential to become a last-mile courier vehicle for its luggage space and for the possibility of adding a merchandise trailer. Being a zero emission vehicle you can access almost the entire city.

Design Your Own Vehicle Body

For those who wish to have their unique vehicle, who wish to sell their body designs to BEGORETT velomobile ZERO users, companies that wish to have a body adapted to their needs, all of them can make it happen. We have the volume of BEGORETT velomobile ZERO in CAD for those who want to develop their own product. We can also make a new custom design on request and budget acceptance.




What do you think about a transportation system that is comfortable, that has no traffic jams, that allow you to take advantage of travel time as free time.

Assisted by an electric motor up to 25 Km/h that makes easy riding on hills, allows you to have a great acceleration, and get to work without sweating.

Improve Life Quality

With BEGORETT you have the choice to make your daily commutings nearly door to door, without traffic restrictions. Safe time using the cycling path that exist around your city, while you enjoy a traffic jump free travel. If you activate the electric motor assistance you can arrive at your destiny without sweating.


BEGORETT is powered by a hi-tech hybrid system that allows riders to pedal to obtain electric power, this electric power is storaged in batteries and used by hub wheel motors. All the used energy is clean for the planet.

Physical Health

According to the world health organization, we must perform 150 minutes of aerobic physical activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity. How much time do you invest in your daily journeys?

Mental Health

Pedaling stimulates our mental activity, while it relaxes us. If we also take away the stress of suffering traffic jams and inappropriate behavior of other drivers who are stressed, can you imagine it?


The body design supports multiple customizations of it with different colors and combinations of components. You can add or rest parts like hardtop or windscreen. Also a waterproof textile body can be tailor made for it.

Gain Free Time

Take advantage of trips back home for exercise by lowering your Begorett’s electrical assistance. Forget about going to the gym to keep fit and enjoy those 2 hours as you want. Free time is yours, for you and to share with yours.

Circular Economy

The concept of the vehicle is based on the circular economy. When Begorett took out a new model, it will have the same base the BEGORETT ZERO and will have a new body. The body will be sold in a complete vehicle, but also separately. This will allow former BEGORETT owners to enjoy the latest design without changing the entire vehicle. The used body will be sold through a marketplace and will be available to BEGORETT ZERO users who want an old body at a lower cost. The reuse of the body allows the maximum reuse of the materials for its function. The same approach applies to the mechanical part of the vehicle.

Our FEA Analisys

Allows frame optimization without prototype destruction. Several design iterations had been need to optimize the ratio strength/weight of the chasis. Creating deformation areas to keep the rider more safe absorving impact energy.

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