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We help companies to research, analyze and detect opportunities to define the best products and services.

We evolve products, ideas or services through iterative analysis processes.

We design products, services, and business models that build loyalty and attract others.

We turn ideas into reality and help companies implement it in their organizations.

Analytical consulting:

Business research and analysis service regarding products and / or services. The study reveals the strengths and weaknesses with respect to what customers expect and with respect to the competition.

Creative consulting:

Creation service, idea generation from scratch or from any point of project maturation. Value added through ideas that are impressive and memorable for customers.

Evolutionary consulting:

Any service or product requires continuous improvement, an analysis of user satisfaction and an analysis of value proposition / perceived value compared to the competition. We help you understand where you are and where you can go.

Product Consulting:

3d design of new products and redesign of existing products, seeking an attractive, functional and economical design to produce.

Consulting services:

Analysis of the services offered, study of the real needs of the clients, design of new more attractive services.

Industrialization Consulting:

We study the implementation of the manufacturing of the new product in your production system or we look for an external supplier to approve it.

We fully define the product to meet your requirements or specifications.

Product validation consulting:

We define the product validation test chain to guarantee that the product to be manufactured will meet the defined requirements.

Consulting for the implementation of new technologies:

Study of the company’s processes and assessment of those that are capable of implementing the new technology. Definition of the implementation plan and training of personnel who will use the new technology.