First prototype parts arrival

Something is happening at BEGORETT and parts for the prototype are arriving to the workshop at BEGORETT headquarters. The firts part to arrive was the #ShimanoStepsE8000 mid drive system! Thanks to the nice guys of @macariollorenteciclismo official distributor of @shimano at Spain we had received the complet mid drive system. The system includes: Steps E8000


Cyclingworld Düsseldorf is presenting the new AWARDS 2019!! BEGORETT is participating with it’s new velomobile design! People at Cyclingworld Düsseldorf are organising one more year this supercool awards with love and passion for cycles! Enjoy having a look at the proposals and vote your favorite choice! VOTE THE CYCLINGWORLD DÜSSELDORF DESIGN AWARDS 2019. CLICK IT!

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After been looking for funding at QUICKSTARTER.COM, Bikes vs Cars is a reality. The film shows the bicycle as an amazing tool for change. Cities all over the world are moving towards a new system. But who will win? A new film project directed by Fredrik Gertten. The film looks into and investigates the daily


SAFE CYCLING more veroxybd.comkahovka-service It was a long time ago when I was driving for a small road and I found a cyclist in the middle of a close curve. Between the thousand thoughts I had in a second, DANGER describes main of them. Till then I have the idea that cycling on roads is dangerous because