Driven By Design – Bryan Thompson/ Designer & Media Consultant

Driven By Design – Bryan Thompson/ Designer & Media Consultant

Bryan Thompson, Car Designer / Media Consultant and Paul Roberts, Podcast Producer and Online Radio Pioneer , produce a show called DRIVEN BY DESIGN that explores everything that drives us today from EVs to eBikes. Streamed live fr/The University of California Irvine’s BEALL APPLIED INNOVATION CENTER Thursdays at 1pm PT.

Last Thursday, September 23, 2021, Bryan Thompson (10 years with Nissan SoCal car design studio and recent lead designer for Amazon’s new self-driving taxi ZOOX) talks with the creator of a new category of pedal-powered plus electric assist vehicle called the VELOMOBILE, a four-wheel bicycle with an aerodynamic body. We invite you to see what happened …

Especial thanks to Bryan Thompson ( and Paul Roberts (, to make it happen!

You can follow them at:

We meet on the way and we will walk together through this journey!

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