German Content Viena Berlin – Podcast 51 – Begorett Velomobile

German Content Viena Berlin – Podcast 51 – Begorett Velomobile

Let me share the nice informal interview that Joe Wiedemann and Victoria Hufnagl from GERMAN CONTENT VIENNA BERLIN made me some days ago! here you can see all the videocall interview or if you prefer you can listen their published interview.

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In this brand-new episode, we had the pleasure of talking to engineer and founder Ricard Montalà about the Begorett Velomobile. Ricard tells us why he invented a 4-wheel pedelec that looks like a 1930s racing car and has a safety cage like a modern rally car.

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0:00 – Intro

0:40 – What’s your background?

3:00 – What about Begorett development?

5:00 – What about the body design?

5:55 – What problems solves Begorett?

7:45 – What about SAFE CYCLING?

9:00 – It uses an electric motor?

11:00 – How fast can you go? 1

4:00 – How can Begorett change your life?

17:40 – What is the cage made of?

21:15 – It has weather protection?

22:40 – How long have you been working on Begorett?

23:20 – What stage is the company?

26 :00 – What’s the marketing strategy?

30:20 – The company have investors?

31:20 – What about green investors?

31:45 – How do you see the promotion?

36:50 – How do you achieve visibility?

41:20 – What are Begorett’s use cases?

44:50 – Do you have more products in mind?

49:20 – Interview ending

50:50 – End and funny moments

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