BEGORETT ZERO first fair , first impressions

BEGORETT ZERO first fair , first impressions

We are very happy to have presented BEGORETT ZERO at the EXPROREUS fair last October 2019. We want to thank the Journal of Tarragona that will mention us in its report of the fair and that will consider BEGORETT as the most innovative product of the same.

From the fair we take very good sensations. We have to think that in the Spanish market there are no more than 3 velomobiles for the whole country. This is due to several reasons: the main, lack of infrastructure (bike lanes) and the other, the lack of pedal culture.

In Spain this is changing, but let’s say we’re in the exit box. Most of the population conceives that their journeys should be by car or motorbike (except those who use public transport) and then if they take the bike it is for exercise or they simply go to the gym to stay in shape.

With this scenario, we were surprised by the great reception by the public of the BEGORETT ZERO, many already imagined themselves using it. Several imagined using it to go to work, others to do sport and there were even a couple of friends who imagined going around the world in the BEGORETT ZERO.

Another good feeling came given by the visit of companies that after asking what beGORETT ZERO was and seeing all its benefits applied to the company, showed  great interest.

The benefits for a company are:

  1. Replacing conventional vehicles with BEGORETTs increases your company’s parking  capacity to double or more.
  2. The cost of depreciation of the vehicle is less than 1 year
  3. The cost of maintaining the vehicle is approximately 300 euros per year
  4. The energy cost of the vehicle is equivalent to 0.1 l/100 Km
  5. The economic cost of the energy to move the vehicle is 0.15 to approximately 100 km.
  6. They improve employee health and consequently reduce job losses.
  7. Physical activation of employees before work improves their productivity.
  8. Exercising before going to work, active the mind, reduces stress.
  9. In urban areas legislatively it is a cycle, that is, it enjoys the advantages of a bicycle.
  10. In urban areas it is easy to park, making it ideal as a commercial vehicle, for community maintenance technicians, for last mile carriers, etc.


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