Know more about a vision that pushes founder to go on with BEGORETT project

Happy New Year 2022 from Begorett

We are ending a complex 2021 and we are looking at future with electric power and transmision. We wish you a happy new year 2022! BEGORETT's new year's resolution: 1. Safe Cycling 2. Healthy Habits 3. More Bike Lanes 4. Investors to industrialize Begorett 5. Combat Climate Change   We can do it! Join us or follow us at

BEGORETT ZERO first fair , first impressions

We are very happy to have presented BEGORETT ZERO at the EXPROREUS fair last October 2019. We want to thank the Journal of Tarragona that will mention us in its report of the fair and that will consider BEGORETT as the most innovative product of the same. From the fair we take very good sensations. We have to think that in...