Invitation to see SEAT factory and CUPRA factory

Invitation to see SEAT factory and CUPRA factory

Yesterday, BEGORETT velomobile was invited to see the SEAT & CUPRA factories by @seatbaycar . We spend a nice day at SEAT facilities and we would like to thank @seatbycar to invite us to this amazing event!

We were pleased to see the production capacity and the high quality of their productive facilities. At SEAT they create amazing transport machines up to 7 seven people. So we are pleased to share the human movility during commutings through different points of view.

They are working on electric vehicles that we could see on the roads very soon. They have also launch scooters for cities, for sure that this scooters and our #BEGORETT velomobile would be a real commuting solution. Short distances equal a scooter, mid range distances up to large distances equal #Begorett Velomobile

Nice logo lunch desert by SEAT

We are sorry, that we can not share pictures of the facilities, because we were not allowed to take pictures due to confidenciality issues.

Belive us that the CUPRA facilites were the most cool facilites, pure mechanical engineering on board. We leave the robots at SEAT facilites to see a handcrafted workshop with it’s own engineering team, racing cars to be approved by FIA and a lot more!

Many thanks to @seat for a great day!

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