Top 10 most interesting velomobiles in the world

Top 10 most interesting velomobiles in the world

TheFuture 2.0  a Youtube channel with more than 11.900 suscriptores, had selected BEGORETT as one of the 10 mos interesting velomobiles in the world and we are very happy for that. Thanks TheFuture 2.0!

In their channel you can se velomobiles, eTrikes, eBikes, electric recumbent bikes and cargo cycles. Akk of them are part of a niche electric vehicle industry that is innovating rapidly. From quirky-looking velomobiles like the Pod Ride, to race car-inspired velomobiles like the Begorett, to the infamous DryCycle, they’ve researched and produced a list of the Best Velomobiles, Pod Cars, eTrikes, and eBikes.

People want to enjoy their cities in a different way, without cars and internal combustion engine noise, fumes, etc.

We hope you enjoy it!

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