The Best Transportation System

What do you think about a transportation system that is comfortable, that has no traffic jams, that allow you to take advantage of travel time as free time.

Assisted by an electric motor up to 25 Km/h that makes easy riding on hills, allows you to have a great acceleration, and get to work without sweating.


All your requirements will be considered when we will construct your unique BEGORETT. We are happy to achieve your desires in a great machine, personally made for you, that will become like a personal extension.

Special Options

Your BEGORETT can be equiped with a lot of amazing gadgets like anti-theft system, anti-puncture wheels, high fidelity sound system, onboard computer, personal trainer, digital dashboard, GPS, child seat (up to 140 cm tall), etc.


Aeroespacial aluminium space frame that works to protect you on the roads and to give an excellent dynamic stability of the vehicle.


Fully customizable in a wide color range. To have your unique and exclusive individual BEGORETT.

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