The Best Composite Materials

What do you think about using a Composite material on your project that gives you excellent mechanical properties, low weight and a great look?

Carbon Fiber, Aramid Fiber, are some of the best performer fibers to be used in composite materials, for that we enjoy refering about them as SUPERCOMPOSITES.

Part Design

All your requirements will be considered when we will design your unique SUPERCOMPOSITE part/s. We are happy to achieve your desires in a part designed to be constructed in a great material, personally made for you, unique and with high performance.


Our engineers team, will work on your technical requirements to achive your performance goals for the parts to be constructed in carbon fiber, aramid fiber or any other fiber.

We can simulate the parts, before been constructed to avoid the prototyping parts number to achive the final high performance part.

Composite Parts

We can construct composite parts in lamination system, vacum system and infusion system. High performance parts can be cured into an oven to obtain the best part performance.

Composite Moulds

We can obtain a mould from a single part been used as a model or we can create a model from a 3D CAD design.

Training courses

Generalized course in Composite Materials

Specialized course in Carbon Fiber